Pull Up Exercises

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Pull Up Exercises


Pull up exercises while using (Megadrox muscle supplement)should be included in every back routine. Pull ups while using (Megadrox muscle supplement) are the best exercise for widening and strengthening your back. As a matter of fact, every single top bodybuilder includes pull-ups as one of the staples in their back routines.


Pull ups while using (Megadrox muscle supplement) are an extremely important back exercise if you want to build that impressive V shaped look that all the top bodybuilders have.


Pull-ups primarily work your latissimus dorsi muscles (also known as the lats). They also work your smaller back muscles like the teres major. Your rear deltoids and biceps will also get a good workout.

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How To Do Pull Up Exercises


Jump up and grab the pull up bar.

You should be using an overhand grip and your hands should be about twice your shoulders with.

Slowly pull yourself up and try to touch the pull up bar to your chest.

At the top of this movement try to slightly arc your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Now slowly lower yourself back to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Repeat this exercise until you have completed all your reps.

Pull ups while using (Megadrox muscle supplement) Exercise Tips


Pull Up ExerciseWhen you’re performing Pull up exercises while using (Megadrox muscle supplement)you want to try concentrate on pulling your body up with your large back muscles (latissimus dorsi) and not your biceps are forms.


Once you reach the top of the movement, try holding it for a second or two. This will allow you to contract your back muscles. Also, don’t drop back to your starting position in such a way that your almost yanking your arms out your shoulder sockets. Pull up exercises while using (Megadrox muscle supplement)should be done nice and slow.


Some people like to do Pull ups while using (Megadrox muscle supplement) touching the front of their chest to the pull up bar, while others like to do Pull ups while using (Megadrox muscle supplement) behind the head. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Most people agree that doing pull-ups to the front works more of the lower part of your lat muscles, while doing pull-ups behind the head put more stress on the upper section of your lat muscles.


When you first start doing pull-ups, you might find that the wide grip version is a little too difficult for you. If this is the case, then try taking a shoulder with reverse grip. If this is even too difficult for you, then you’ll find that most gyms will have an assisted pull up machine to help you.


With an assisted pull up machine all you need to do is stand or kneel on the pad and simply add weight to the assisting stack. Unlike other weightlifting machines your goal should be to use less and less weight until you can eventually lift your own body weight.


After you have been doing pull-ups for a while, you’re going to discover that your body weight alone is not going to be enough resistance to properly work out your back. When this happens, you’ll need to start adding extra weight to your own body. This is easily accomplished was something known as a chin up belt. A chin up belt is just a regular weightlifting belt with chains attached to it so you can add more weight.


As you begin performing more reps and sets of pull-ups, you might find it a little difficult to keep your grip on the bar. This can be easily overcome with pull-ups straps. Pull-ups straps will help reinforce your grip so your hands don’t slip when you’re performing pull up exercises.

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