Living Minerals Probiotic

Living Minerals Probiotic

magnesium & 100 essential trace elements in a probiotic solution


How Can You Digest A Rock?

Living Minerals Probiotic Of all the nutrients the human body needs to be optimally healthy, minerals are the most essential. Without the proper minerals, all other nutrients, including vitamins, can’t be processed.

But how do you get a hard rock mineral into your body? The prevailing ”wisdom“ is to break the rocks down so small that they’ll be absorbed.  The human body, your body, still recognizes the mineral as a rock.

We need our minerals to enter our bodies pre-digested. Then we can absorb them. Unfortunately, the soil of this great land is severely depleted of soil flora and minerals. So vegetables and fruits grown in these mineral-starved soils are lacking. And eating these deprived vegetables and fruits can’t give us pre-digested minerals.

So we look to Living Minerals Probiotic.  The wonderful microorganisms in Living Minerals Probiotic pre-digest the minerals they are fed so the human body can absorb them.

These great “heroes to mankind” eat the hard rock minerals and pre-digest them so that we humans can absorb virtually 100% of these essentials.

And while these “heroes” are digesting the very nutrients we need to be healthy, they are simultaneously supporting the body to fight off the pathogenic invaders.

Other companies dehydrate their probiotic microorganisms hoping that many will come back to life in the body. Some eventually do come back to life. But these dormant flora will only become active after 4 to 5 hours in your body.

Living Minerals Probiotic flora are never dehydrated.  These friends of ours are alive and ready immediately.

Because Living Minerals Probiotic is in liquid form, it works equally well taken orally or applied to the skin.

Taken by mouth, it cleanses the entire digestive system.  Put on the skin, it bypasses the digestive tract.


No other probiotic so lovingly wants to go to work for you. 

Consider Living Minerals Probiotic flora as your friends. These symbiotic friends hang out right in your digestive tract, working to make you healthy.

The pre-digested magnesium in Living Minerals Probiotic is the most needed mineral of all the minerals. Unfortunately, magnesium is deficient in almost the entire human population. In fact, science believes many of the following symptoms could be due to a deficiency in magnesium:









Kidney Stones


Neuromuscular Problems

Muscle Tremors


Muscular Weakness


The 100 Essential Trace Elements combined with the Magnesium in Living Minerals Probiotic and Bio X4 activate the entire body’s nervous system, endocrine and enzyme systems, lymph system and de-stress the body to assist in the battle against pathogens.

Living Minerals Probiotic is first and foremost a Probiotic, a pro-life defender of the human body. And secondarily, it is a mineral facilitator. First, optimizing your health, then bringing the building blocks to fortify the body. Who could want better friends?  Friends who love and care for you.
Living Minerals Probiotic


Water, Magnesium, 100 Trace Elements, Sea Salt, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Curvatus, Acidophilus and carbohydrate residue.  Refrigerate for best results.



Start with 1 spray a day taken at night for three days; if you experience no adverse cleansing symptoms, increase application an extra spray a day for three days; build up to a maximum of 10 sprays a day taken at night.

Apply to the skin or take by mouth.


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